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Traditional uses and benefits of Quassia

  • Root Infusion can be used to reduce malarial fever.
  • Bark is boiled and the water drunk as an anti-diarrheal, as an anti-dysenteric, and as an antimalarial.
  • Softened inner bark is boiled, and the water drunk to treat colds, by the Guyana Patamona.
  • Bark and leaves are boiled, and the water drunk as an anti-pyretic.
  • Wood chips are decocted in lotions for persistent venereal ulcers.
  • Infusion of wood and fresh roots is used for refractory fevers, tonic, aperitive and febrifuge.
  • Stem is used in remedies for diseases of the spleen, liver (cirrhosis), and urinary tract.
  • Bark used as a blood purifier and for treating weak eyes of alcoholics.
  • In Surinam, stem is used to make bitters for reducing a fever.
  • Quassia has been shown to encourage the secretion of gastric juices, increase the appetite and aid digestion.
  • It has been used successfully in the treatment of anorexia nervosa and is also used in the treatment of malaria and fevers.
  • All parts of the plant can be used on their own or in combination to restore the appetite, stimulate digestion and combat fevers, including malaria.
  • Tea made from the infused leaves is used to bathe the skin of measles patients.
  • It is also used as a mouthwash after tooth extractions.
  • Decoction of the bark is used as a blood purifier and to treat malaria, diarrhea and dysentery.
  • Decoction of the inner bark is used to treat colds.
  • Stem and bark are used in remedies for treating diseases of the spleen, liver (cirrhosis), and urinary tract.
  • Bark is used for treating the weak eyes of alcoholics and, macerated in rum, as a vermifuge.
  • Combined with the macerated stem of Tinospora crispa in rum, cognac or absinthe, it is used to make a beverage for treating diabetes and albuminuria.
  • Decoction of the wood is used in lotions as a wash for persistent venereal ulcers.
  • Decoction of the bark and leaves is used as a wash to rid the skin of external parasites such as agouti lice and as a treatment for measles and smallpox.
  • Infusion of Quassia is also used as a lotion for pediculosis.

Ayurvedic Health benefits of Quassia

  • Rheumatism: Use externally an infusion of bitter Quassia wood.
  • Alcoholism: Prepare a tea of bitter Quassia leaves and drink one cup regularly. It kills the appetite for alcohol.
  • Dandruff: Take bitter Quassia wood. Soak it in some water overnight. Now use this water as a scalp rinse for dandruff.
  • Stomach Problems: Take a cup made from Quassia wood. Put some water in it and leave overnight. Next morning drink it in empty stomach. It is a good bitter tonic for stomach.
  • Tonic: Take a cup made of Quassia wood. Fill it with water and leave overnight. It becomes a good bitter tonic for the stomach.
  • Worms: Add one tbsp of Quassia wood in one cup of boiling water and steep for 15 minutes. Take one cup regularly for a week.

Not for Pregnant Women.

Quassia Amara Chips

1 Pound
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