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IAMHEALED TEA gets created with conscious love from the knowledge of Mother Earth, and our herbs have Fair Trade Certification as it is the internationally recognized gold standard for social responsibility in farming herbs. The rigorous audit system tracks farm-to-finished products and verifies industry compliance with Fair Trade USA criteria. We promise never to give you genetically modified synthetic tea. IAHT gets benevolently crafted with over 30 premium alkaline organic herbs, roots, berries, supplements, minerals, and vitamins. To give it a floral essence to become an exotic tea blend for the mind, body, and soul, knowing that pure lyfe is divine alkaline. 

Our tea blend has over 139 medicinal properties to aid in repairing the body and detoxing the blood, vessel, and organs of harmful toxins, poison, chemicals, metals, nanoparticle tech, and foreign invaders of the body. 


  • NAC Helps to prevent the flu or reduce symptoms of the common cold. In cells, NAC reduced replication of the flu virus. If the virus can’t replicate quickly, it’s easier to fight it off.

    NAC added to the anti-poisoning protocol enabled people to recover from the poisoning and prevent liver failure.

    NAC is commonly used to reduce the inflammation and mucus in people with lung disease, such as chronic bronchitis or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). It can break down mucus and replenish glutathione in the lungs, which reduces airway damage and breathing difficulties

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