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Active ingredients include alkaloids and other potent antioxidant compounds, such as saponins, quercetin, and kaempferol.


There are many benefits of using hydrangea root that include its ability to limit bladder infections, reduce inflammation, and prevent autoimmune diseases, among others.

  • May reduce the size of an enlarged prostate
  • May prevents bladder infections by acting as a diuretic
  • May limits the appearance of urethral infections
  • May dissolve kidney and gallbladder stones [3]
  • May help fight back against parasitic infections
  • Might lower inflammation throughout the body
  • May reduce the risk of chronic diseases due to its antioxidant properties
  • May soothe the pain of rheumatoid arthritis and gout
  • Might relieve pain in inflamed or irritated tissues
  • May strengthen the immune system and prevents autoimmune diseases [4]
  • May prevent cystitis in women
  • May reduce risk of hay fever
  • Might help treat calcifications
  • Can act as an antiseptic and antilithic
  • Can help treat malaria

Hydrangea Root

1 Pound
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