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Viral Reject Anti-Viral Berry Health Tonic Supplement

Viral Reject is a viral load reducer that stops new viruses from replicating by detoxing harmful protein radicals within the red blood cells (RBC). Viruses need to hijack the protein-making machine in your body by inseminating virions into the cells with its genetics to replicate more viruses to continue the chain of infection. A virus must undergo the process of replication to create a unique, infectious virion that can infect other cells of the body or subsequent hosts. After gaining entry into the body, a virus makes physical contact with and crosses the plasma membrane of a target cell. Inside, it releases and replicates its genome while facilitating the manufacture of its proteins by host ribosomes.
How this is carried out depends upon the type of viral nucleic acid. Virus particles are assembled from these newly synthesized biological molecules and become infectious virions. Finally, the virions are released from the cell to continue the process of infection. (Louten J. (2016). Viral Rejects is an amino acid tonic created with L-Lysine, berries, and supplements in a proprietary blend. We stop viruses by blocking the formation of proteins and stopping replication.
Lysine has an average rating of 9.2 out of 10 from a total of 74 ratings for the treatment of Herpes Simplex, Suppression. 92% of reviewers reported a positive experience, while 4% reported a negative experience. (User Reviews for Lysine to Treat Herpes Simplex, Suppression, n.d.)
Lysine is an herbal supplement for athletic performance enhancement or treatment for cold sores (herpes simplex libialis) and elevated pH (metabolic alkalosis).
Lysine is possibly effective for cold sores (herpes simplex labialis) treatment.
Benefits of L-Lysine:
Building Blocks for protein essential amino acids, and your body can’t naturally make it.
Essential for average muscle growth.
It helps transport fat cells across your cells to be burned for energy.
Treats HSV 1 and 2 by blocking Arginine, which can hide in your spine.
Prevents herpes/viruses from replicating.
Lysine reduces stress and cortisol levels.
Lysine improves calcium absorption/retention as a bone protector.
Promotes tissue regeneration and wound healing. Heals Ulcers.
Promote the regeneration of blood vessels.
Produce adequate hormones/immune cells/enzymes.
Lysine reduces cancer cell growth.
It helps the muscle to recover after a workout before and after.
Lysine Prevents cataracts.
Lysine Reduces blood sugar and high blood pressure.
Lysine Rebuilds your connective tissue and collagen.
Lysine Supports Gut health.
The Schisandra Berry Tonic is a general adaptogen.
It improves circulation.
Lysine Strengthens the heart.
It Aids digestion/increases bile secretions.
The berries harmonize with the body to help to retain energy to help balance the nervous system.
Lung tonic.
Moistens and hydrates the inside and outside of the body and skin.
The berries tone the kidneys and the sex organs.
It Protects the liver.
Repairs and strengthens the nervous system.
The berry tonic improves blood circulation and detoxification.
The berry tonic can treats Hepatitis with no side effects.
Improves mental clarity.
Improves coordination and concentration.
Eases antidepression.
It helps memory recall.
Battles Mental Illness/treats mood swings/Schizophrenia.
Helps with chronic alcoholism.
Treats night sweats.
Makes you more sociable/less emotionally tense.
It is the most incredible sexual tonic for men and women, acting as a natural Viagra/libido booster.
Boosts low sex drive (instantly!).
Increases sexual secretion of fluids in men.
Improves eyesight/hearing.
Soothes rashes/hives/eczema.
It quiets the spirit and calms the heart.
Cures insomnia.
Helps elevate respiratory infections/chronic cough/shortness of breath/wheezing.

Viral Reject Anti-Viral Berry Health Tonic Supplement
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