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I Can See Me In You

I Can See Me In You
Ode Poem To The Indigo Starseeds
By: HCC AKA Lady Whistledown
I always knew I was a healer, and there are other healers in my spirit tribe as well. Some fear for their lives if they speak on who they are. While having to suppress who they truly are. Some have yet to figure out who they are meant to be, and some know it and deny it, but oh no, not me. I know who am, I am the child of the most high, royalty is in my blood. So, slavery I can not comply.
As a healer, I refuse to deny it but to wear it like a glove. With heaven’s might, I have been given the power of sight and knowing how to love. I have seen our future, and we have lived in every lifetime, and each year no matter who I meet, it is your light that shines. So, therefore I am a seer and your path is my sight. When I pray with my words they are sure to win any fight.
When you are broken, I know what to fix because I was broken as well. When you are sick, I am to heal you with a praying spell, because I remember what it felt like to be well. I was sent here to assist you in times of trouble, I’ll be the first to burst the opposing bubble. In your honor, justice shall be served. I will make sure that the protection starts outside of your curb. So, to you, I give herbs and show verbs.
I know what rules that I was designed to break. I made a vow to Goddess, my soul to take. As God as my witness, the Goddess makes no mistakes. The calling to your path is going to get louder with every step that you take. Whatever you are drawn to, that’s your career that you make. This is where you will find your happiness, your niche, your calling, and your power.
Prosperity and abundance shall come to you eternally by the hour. We are not on the same journey, but we walk the same path and you should respect that because being real is all that we have. Being real is what makes us unique, as well as special. Remember to always do what’s right because in this game of life the Goddess resides in your active vessel. Just know everyone’s avatar is different on purpose so that you can alter your carbon, but your skin is worth more than gold, so there should never be a bargain on your dignity. Stand bold.
You are the first atums, protons, neutrons, and electrons, in your truest state. You are children of the Sun, your skin enhances when it bakes. Be you, to achieve who you are genuinely meant to be on this mission in life. I pray that your vessel, mind, soul, and heart connect to your truest monad without strife. So, that you may never lose yourself, and take flight.
Remember you are the spark that lights your way, as I pray for your peace, growth, and victory, each and every day.

I Can See Me In You
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