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Being Human Can Be Tough.

Being a human is rough, and I know who needs to hear this.
Wallowing in sadness, self-harm, self-sabotage, lust, greed, adulatory, satanism, dark magic for revenge/harm, toxic behaviors, depression, addictions, affairs, demon time, gossip, codependency, empty, soulless sexual encounters to fill the congested void, fears, and tears ain't gone make things better.
It won't make the hurting stop, and that's when you have to learn how to become an alchemist. By transmuting pain into profit. Pain into art. Pain into love. Pain into pleasure. Then that's when you can cast out your demons and heal your fragmented soul. Trust me on this because I have conquered everything that you have been through by becoming a healer of many emotions to master myself. A magician is someone who takes the energy around them and creates magic out of thin air.
Remember, there is always sun after the storm. So trouble can not always last. Yes, this cruel, cold world will send those spirits your way to test you, but how will you know how strong you are if you never got tested? How can the student become a teacher without graduating from the school of life? Exactly. So you have got to fight no matter the circumstances. You have the power to choose life over death. You have the choice to evolve or devolve.
Not to sound harsh, but the universe could give a fuxk if you are low, but you need to know death ain't the way to go. Rise above the chaos. Shake them spirits off. Lucy is roaming the lands looking for souls to take. DO NOT SHOW HIM THAT YOU ARE ENTERTAINING TO LIVE UNHEALED. The universe is listening and doesn't take the casting of your words, whether good or bad, lightly. DO NOT SPEAK DEATH RIGHT NOW. YOU MUST SPEAK LIFE BECAUSE THIS IS HARVEST/SACRIFICE (MANIFESTING) SEASON. Watch your words.
Evil needs you to be in a low vibration because that's how they eat.
Be the hero that you need and save yourself. Everyone is watching YOU, and spoiler alert, you survive in the infinite end! It's all a test.
Billions of GROWN INJURED ADULTS HAVE HEALED TO TRIUMPH TO DO IT every day. Every soul needs to remember that you are the way, the truth, and the light. You have command and power over any entity in this realm. Return to Christos-Sophia Consciousness and remember who you are.
You got this. We love you, and we encourage you to keep fighting. Baby, get on yo shite, stay on yo shite, and tell them demons that this is Sparta!!! Shields up!! We are in a spiritual war, and we will leave no spirit behind. ASE. SELAH.

Being Human Can Be Tough.
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