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The Great Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction Manifestation Portal

Ok, a portal is open right now because of the celestial alignments for 12/12-21/2020 (the great conjunction of Jupiter/Saturn entanglement/Winter Soltice); ride the wave and be authentic. If you are attuned, your Kundalini will open up as well. Do not fight it; embrace it, ebb, and flow. To the ones who are apart of the chosen, you will be receiving upgrades to your DNA. The DNA activations are why you must avoid the vaccination; it alters your DNA, mutating your mRNA with an adenovirus holographic microchip; You must choose to evolve or repeat in this life. This astrological event is an urgent matter and is the only reason why you volunteered to be on planet Terra at this time. Try to keep grounded and be in perfect energy as much as possible. It may get dark and chaotic but sit tight. Don't do anything on impulse. Good things and times are coming. It's all a test, and this too ye shall pass. Selah. Ase. Trust the Creator's plan because you are being guided. Protect your energy and be the energy that you want for the upcoming future timeline. This planet conjunction is a prominent manifestation energy portal; Use it. Do the things that make your soul sing. Do the things that you are good at and invest In your future. Let it be harmony in your heart that the cosmos brings so that you may align with your most authentic highest self and bring home the goods that will break every generational curse and manifest destiny. Selah

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