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The Great Chinese-Virus Take Over.

China, China, China.

Does anyone not see the common theme of this NWO scamdemic?

*Bill Gates gave the patent for the Coronavirus (common cold) to China to create the Wuhan strain to depopulate the globe.

*China and Bill Gates buy up most of the land in the United States by buying out our farmers.

*China moved its troops in Canada’s territory a year ago to surround the United States border.

*Pedo Joe let China look at the United States power grid his first month in office, and then TX gets hit with a blackout. 🤔

*Every week since January, the constant victimized theme in the mainstream media is corroborated by the zionist media that the black community is targeting the Asian community in the news at least three times a week to the point of over-exaggeration.

*Last but not least, the United States government continues to whitewash the indigenous communities' history by giving the Asian’s a place in American History to commence their newfound reparations to the tune of 50 million dollars. Including an Anti-Asian hate bill as the ultimate white privilege accessory to settle into their new American home. Especially when the original Aboriginal native Muurs/Washitaws/Cherokees are alive and well, have yet to receive reparations or an anti-hate bill. Then on top of Native Americans getting re-classified as pseudo-Africans from an imaginary boat ride from Africa, debunked as untrue.

Follow the money. You are owned slaves of the US Corporation. Your concentration camp prison number is your social security ID, and they are whitewashing our story to fit his story. Wake up. It’s an Asian store in every black community on purpose. It has been reported that Asians are trafficking young aboriginal (formerly known as black) girls while they are getting their nails done 💅🏽in a salon in Texas. Connect the dots.

This has been another edition of Hearing Crystal Clear or either the Twilight Zone.

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