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The Day The People Died

The Day The People Died

By: HCC AKA Lady Whistledown

17th of January 2021

The red side of politics and the blue side of politics are incredibly partaking in the shaming ritual by laughing at Donald J. Trump for getting his accounts shut down. When little do they know that he was about to snitch out every bad apple in your beloved government by dropping the names of every pedo he has ever encountered or participated within Pedo Country? As he fights for his/his kids' life by claiming impunity for his actions in his crimes against humanity/children.

Now you must remember that 666 children and parents are missing from being held at the border, and no, I am not making up that number either. That specific number is a satanist association or homage to the dark lord as a sacrificial initiation under his orders. Meanwhile, in Snoozeville, everybody fighting amidst in "YOUR" civil war is getting their accounts shut down, silenced, violation strikes, hacked, targeted, accounts being closed, years of videos, and information dismantled. Profiles are being wiped from existence, information being banned, lives being taken, influencers dying mysteriously left and right, families being pitted against one another, and so forth. These government-owned corporations' accounts look like a horrid display of the concentration camp's flashback tortures of past wars.

These crimes against freedom of speech are only the start of the things to come for you and I. You haven't seen anything yet! Right now, if you have that unique eye, you can see the unseen. You would see that this is the quietest war that I/we have ever been apart. While reading this life-altering article, remember that history repeats itself, so we were due for a revolution or a full-on war as the globalist would like to call it.

Every piece of this war is being fought through a digital revolution. If you're not doing your part, know that the Goddess/God is watching. If you are a warrior for the most high and the one true, you should know that your social media platform is the gun, and when it's your turn, as they place the target(s) on you and I, you better bust. Your platform is apart of the battlefield. If you deny all that is right, you deny Goddess/God. If you don't speak up, you select your side every time.

FYI we are at war, and you missed the trumpets. Your side is losing, and we need all saints of God to report to the frontline, no matter your deity that You/We worship. If the God/Goddess has ever been good to you, don't you think that you owe them your everlasting love, devotion, allegiance, fight, honor, and support?

I guess the question now is: "Will you heed the call?" "Will you stand up for what's right?" Or "Will you be complacent in taking the fall?" I love you, spirit tribe. Stay vigilant. Not only have you begun your spiritual journey by stepping into the Twilight Zone, but you have also just now entered World War III.

Ashe. Selah.

Grateful for the real ones,

Indigo Crystal

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