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The Cure For Covid, Flu, HIV, Pneumonia, Common Colds, Vaxxseenation Detoxification, Variant Strains

The Cure For Covid, Flu, HIV, Pneumonia, Common Colds, Vaxxseenation Detoxification, Variant Strains of Man-Made Viruses, and Bacterial Infections.

By: Hearing Crystal Clear

If you are serious about your health and have faith in what Goddess/God gave to you, allow me to help you in a time of sickness. I love Sebi, but he messed up when he wouldn’t give the cures away for free. I’ll pick up where he left off. Here is the key to the game.

The herb pau d’ arco + black seed oil= is the cure for viruses of the flu, HIV, and covid nature (cure all’s). Mullein leaf (remedy for upper respiratory infections, allergies, hay fever, COPD, and asthma) + zinc + Irish Sea moss (109 trace minerals needed for the human biological makeup) = respiratory relief, the expulsion of mucus from the lungs, and sinus cavities. Relief from pneumonia soreness in the lungs. Followed by a gallon of lime heated (drink hot tea to clear your lymphatic system and glands) water or tea.

Incorporate as many alkaline veggies and citrus alkaline-based fruits for a fast recovery from the variant strains of the flu, common cold, cancer, allergies, bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, COPD, HIV, and all vaxxseenations. I pray that your recovery is quick and infinite as you make health your wealth. The truth is to be shared far and wide. Ase. Selah. Will it be. Bring good health and wealth to all of thee.

Be sure to soak in a bath of Epsom salt, eucalyptus, and baking soda (balances your hormones) to detox the variant strains, chemicals, dead blood cells out of your blood, muscles, and vessel. Also, this bath can release negative energy/demons within your auric field, known as spiritual attacks. Yes, sickness can also be a spiritual attack from others. Pain will make you susceptible to anger. Anger is a malevolent spirit that you are to avoid. You can’t imagine how many people I have seen in the health care field treat us, medical professionals, badly because they are in pain.

PSA! You can not eat junk food, dairy, meat, no milk of any kind, sugar, processed foods, sodas, GMO food, and no bananas (they cause mucus and sinus congestion). Avoid orange juice (if not freshly squeezed) or alcohol partaking (causes mucus/high blood pressure/constricts blood vessels) when your immune system is corrupted. No smoking is included until you are well enough with clear lungs. That is why all of these god-forsaken foods without nutrients are abundant and cheap.

Bonus Health Vaxseen Reversal Segment: Take Activated Charcoal (the cure for poison) to reverse the vaxseen and chlorophyll/cilantro to pull out the heavy metals from the nanotechnology in the vaxseen. The vaxssens consist of toxic chemicals, metals, and aborted fetal tissue (abortion is big money for the satanic elite) that will alter your genetic makeup.

Sincerely, Hearing Crystal Clear

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