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Out of Time

Today America's elected, Biden, and Trump have promised to push every United States citizen through turmoil and death with a possible mandatory vaccination from the 2nd leading healthcare company Pfizer. The supreme court gave the pharmaceutical company immunity against their manufacturing of the CoV2 SARS vaccine. They won't be liable for the vaccine if it causes any injuries due to the mandatory vaccination process that is beginning to loom over many human's reality within the next few weeks going into January 2021. Now stop and ask yourself why the Supreme Court would give Pfizer your death certificate if it wanted to care about your safety, freedom, and invisible rights? Mind you that Pfizer holds the record for the most prominent healthcare fraud settlement ever, with having to pay out over 2.3 billion dollars.

We have had since April 2019 to put the government out, and we stood by and did nothing but pretend life was still the same. Citizens of Earth are trying to pretend that Totalitarianism is our usual way of life. I am watching my friends, family, loved ones, strangers, enemies, sheep, mortals, immortals, and spirits do nothing about our impending fatal problems within our system. I thought that Americans desired freedom. I was wrong. They wish to be controlled by the same terror that they worship. Each day a new fear tactic is being created.

The chosen did not fall for it, and the unchosen is eating it up. The miasma is at an all-time high for the people of holographic Earth. The Deep State is telling you that they will be injecting people with an adenovirus. In the numbers of 1.3 billion vaccines into every soul on the globe by the end of 2021. I do not know about you, but I would ammo up now in our time of history. Pfizer has admitted that the FDA has given them a EUA, which means an Emergency Use Authorization to manufacture and produce vaccines at an alarming rate and distribute in December 2020. I have the weird feeling that God/Goddess has left the building. Pfizer has admitted that they have teamed up with BioNTech to help The United Nations and the Galactic Federation bio-chip every human. Through said vaccines on this planet. May Sophia-Christos return for her people because of what these Archons are doing as the people of my heritage would say, "This ain't it!"

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