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Open Letter To The Cosmos

Dear Universe,

My cats are connected to me emotionally, physically, and spiritually, but today I got to see just how connected we are. I know that I am burnt out and have been for a while, but I kept pushing myself to the point where my body has given out on me. I am so exhausted today that Osiris and I woke up at eight, and we went right back to sleep (we never do this!). Osiris is still asleep, and I am in bed at 11 am. Baby, I am wiped out, and so are my cats. 🤦🏽‍♀️

I need a vacation and some me time for real. What I mean by me time is not having to incorporate myself in saving God's business or the world. I want to live for me and me alone. I give so much out only to receive my gas tank forever on E. I can't anymore, and I won't. I need to see about me, universe.

I take care of the universe night and day. I need a break, but not just any kind of break. I need a break from watching God kill millions and acting like it's ok. I need a break from the rich eating the poor. I need a break from the children being raped/murdered/abused.

I need a break from the evil which has reigned over this dimension for billions of years. I need a break from racism. I need a break from slave wages from fake currency. I need a break from God's shite when he could have just killed Lucifer and been done with it. I need a break from the government's failed/successful assassination attempts on humans.

I need a break from white-collar corruption on a global scale. People say that being here is a blessing, but how when it's death, torture, murder, rape, and evil all around in a world that you don't own or have any say over? It is all a holographic illusion, and we get forced to be a part of it. To say that we have free will is an understatement because if and only if we had actual free will, then why can’t we as humans opt-out of God and Lucifer’s pissing contest to live life as we desire? We have been puppets long enough.

We are too tired to continue a war that has been going on for eons. Universe, you really do need to do better. You are of the highest intelligence, and your only solution is the genocidal sacrifices of your children? If that is the case, then that means you are human and not omnipotent. If you are our parents, then Children's services should have been called the first day, and your ability to reproduce more children should have been taken away if you were not going to love them ‘ALL’ equally. I have never seen parenting getting done at such a masochistic and sadistic grotesque level that it gets approved as being the normal way to do this life.

These people deserve better parents who won’t let them get tricked into 💉 those evil men (your children) created to kill them. Or Genetically modified foods with no nutrients, only to alter their DNA and then kills them. The air that you provide is poisoned with chem/contrails to poison them slowly. Or for them to birth their children and have them taken by whatever evil that you let live.

I’ll never forget the story of Caine and Able when God only punished Caine with a mark and blessed him with protection so that no one may harm a murderer. So, that he lived out his days as he saw fit.

You have to admit it, I’m calling you out on the nonsensical unconscious logic, and it has only accumulated to sacrifices in your favor equating to be blood magic. Something is amiss, and it is known as love followed by the truth. This simulation lacks that, and I am tired of pretending that this is a fair deal to everyone when it is not.

My thing is that every evil elite received the go to destroy humanity with a GMO virus/💉 every year. At what point will the multiverse purge us of evil from such corrupt entities? Especially when you have promised a kingdom to your said children who have fought your war for you since the beginning of time. Make life make sense because the dollars to work ratio aren’t adding up.


An overworked Oracle Ascended Master and underpaid lightworker.


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