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Looking For Online Privacy While Browsing?

Author: Hearing Crystal Clear

June 19, 2020

These days the government aims to take every ounce of privacy that citizens have. If you have been living under a rock for the last ten years, I need to inform you that Google is government-owned and controlled by the NSA surveillance program. Meaning, that just like your education, history, identity, food, money, and reality, it is false. So, researching can be hard on a student of life, when the government is pumping the internet with ridiculous lies and fables labeled as history or truthful information. Have no fear because Hearing Crystal Clear is here to liberate you from the all-seeing tracking eyes of Google and other government-owned browsers. Today, I provide you with a must-have list of the most secure and private web browsers for individual research, shopping, learning, and surfing the net needs.

Top 12 Anonymous Browsers For Private Web Searching:

1) Firefox Focus (Mozilla)

2) Tor Browser (Onion Router)

3) Epic Web Browser

4) SRWare Iron Browser

5) Comodo Dragon Browser

6) Avira Scout Browser

7) Brave Browser

8) Duck Duck Go

9) Yandex Browser

10) Tails Browser

11) Dooble Browser

12) Disconnect Browser

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Thanks so much Crystal. Love as always!!!


Lena Vo
Lena Vo
Jul 03, 2020

Thank you so much crystal! Love you! ❤️


Sarai Beth
Sarai Beth
Jun 26, 2020

Thank you👏


Jun 25, 2020

Thank you for sharing!


Jesse The Pisces
Jesse The Pisces
Jun 22, 2020

I been using DuckDuckGo now because of you and I love it. Google is so watered down I don’t trust it at all.

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