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Let's Talk About Tea.

IAMHEALED TEA aids in combatting a variety of symptoms in the human vessel.

The problem with herbal tea in the holistic community is that they are busy turning a profit with synthetic hybrid cross-pollinated herbs and not enough research about authentic herbs for healing their customers. Eighty percent of the herbs and roots used in every significant tea company are synthetic hybrid herbs artificially grown without a natural seed and harmful to the human vessel. Hybrid genetically modified herbal tea can cause disease from mineral deficiency. Artificial herbs are creating more harm to the human body than pharmaceuticals filled with chemicals. With the Holistic community, 90% of herbalists don't know what herbs are organic vs. inorganic or alkaline vs. acidic. Many tea companies use artificial herbs such as turmeric, garlic, echinacea, aloe vera, beetroot, foxgloves, comfrey, coffee, goldenseal, grapefruit, jackfruit, peppermint, nutmeg, moringa, St. Johns wart, rosehip, spearmint, sugarcane, and licorice stick, to name a few.

IAMHEALED TEA will be the only tea that your body will ever need based on its authentic organic medicinal properties. Our tea is the only tea on the market with authentic natural organic alkaline non-GMO conscious herbs.

So here's the deal, I can guarantee the accountability of this tea because I purposely made myself sick by going off my alkaline diet to eat an acidic diet to conduct the science experiment to get you well, and the results are astounding! I healed myself with IAMHEALED TEA. Yes! A Tea. Using myself as the experiment, I destroyed my immune system to test my hypothesis leading my theory for IAMHEALED TEA to be a remedy for success.

You all will be amazed at how much mucus it pulls out of your body while detoxing every organ and purging your body of impure toxins. If the mucus is the number one cause of disease, this tea can remove mucus as you have never seen with any other tea becoming the tea for you.

I instantly began to get well and felt amazing! My lungs became clear as a bell. Being that I have asthma, my lungs are always open when I drink IAMHEALED TEA. I created this tea when I learned how to heal myself when the doctors failed me, leading me to cure my former health status: asthma, sinusitis, chronic ear infections, pneumonia, bronchitis, hyper-allergenic, hypertensive, overweight, cyst prone, middle-aged female. My partner and I took our passion and knowledge for holistic health and manifested an authentic organic natural divine alkaline way of life to take care of others. We can also customize IAMHEALED TEA for your health safety to fit your spiritual, mental, physical, allergenic, and hormonal needs.



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