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Indigenous World History Month of Tyrannical Colonizing His-story Repeating Itself.

I will not call this a black history lesson because this needs to be told as an all of Ourstory lesson. History is wrong, and I would like to take a minute to re-write it if I may? Black means pale in Latin. Pale we are not. Lie number one. They hit our shores and reclassified the Aboriginal Indigenous Native as a Black/Colored/Negro/Negroid/Nigger/Nigga (We are none of these titles). Now, the term Negus is from the Ethiopian Semitic language to denote the royal title of a King, until the colonizers decided to dismantle the royal legacy of our ancestor's names and languages by giving us an altered racial slur as a loving term of endearment.

I specifically love it when people say that the word nigga means a stupid person or family. When the word stupid is living up to its name without having to include a particular group of people's nationality or IQ, but I digress. The USA INC. obtained the Murica's (Muurs) unlawfully and illegally. Therefore making their baseless constitution null and void. Only to have the nerve to put up pipelines on sacred land, as if natives were in the wrong to protect their land.

Every human being is a God/Goddess with Amnesia, so let me help you to remember. Y'all do know that the slave masters (the Colonizers of the West/East/British/Redcoats/Spaniards/Romans/Greeks/Chinese) of Murica received their wealth and their family's inheritance from seizing America and its inhabitants of this great land. Side note: This land hasn't been great since 1492, known as The Great Small Pox Invasion. Current to today's plannedimic Agenda 21, to depopulate once again. So, the nerve of German-Irish Trump and his uneducated people to pretend on something that was never theirs. It's a slap to the face of every indigenous native of the Muricas.

Hence you losing your heritage, royalty, pyramids, land, your rights, and your children. You are being stamped with a social security number, given vaxxseens to stop your royal genetics, you know, modern-day slavery and genocidal stuff. The Queen and the Colonizers took your gold, oil, resources, and treasures. Do you not remember the great gold rush of 1925 or WWII? The Queen owns 10,312,500 square miles of the earth's surface. Alarming enough to run through the states of China, Russia, and the USA.

Technically meaning that your paradigm runs a little flatter than most globes. The colonizers/slave masters received reparations for losing their slaves after the war, but Indigenous (Muurs, Native Americans) people have yet to receive their reparations, gold, freedom, peace, nationality, or land. You need to know that I'm not talking about the $5 Indians, who were the white people paying to become natives, to help take our land. Or the slave masters mixed bloodline of Indians that the govt chose to give reservations to neither, which is technically mulattos. I am speaking actual truths about the people of pigmentation. Children of the Sol/Sun. The Ancient ones who were here before the red coats came.

So, excuse me for not wanting to participate in Agenda 21/COVID Eugenics. Which is another depopulation genocide involving white coats/people administrating viruses. Disguised as what started as a blanket of friendship covered in smallpox. That has over time upgraded to a needle as the vaxxseenation of my people contains one too many names. The Great Small Pox Vaxxseenation of 1492, babies immunization first-born shots continuing as I write this article today. The Tuskeegee Experiment, Margaret Sanger using Eugenics on indigenous natives with planned parenthood, backed by the government, children being vaxseenated for school/college, and doing all of this in the name of science, but with no cure for the common cold.

Let us remember that the government will not give you free healthcare, but they want to handout free mystery needles? Suspect. You should be wise to remember that the racist president, who has been quoted saying that "He doesn't want his children growing up in a nigger concrete jungle.", requested that all people of color get their shots first and free of charge. Suspect. I try hard not to remind myself that oppressed slaves are still voting in both racist parties no matter the campaign color or heritage. Also, I need to remind you that you can walk out of the door in winter with no coat, but don't forget your mask or go to jail?

The ingredients in the vaxxseen's are aborted fetal cells (tortured souls spliced with nanotechnology to destroy your DNA) and deadly chemicals. Making this a bad idea of a blood transference to attack healthy blood cells and genetics. That can bring chaos by implanting the inorganic deceased memories into your coding to torment your organic soul. Their history is soaked with Eugenics and genocide of us. That's the real history of ourstory. Ourstory can never stay buried for long. We are changing his story and ours for the better. Remember, Heavy is the head who wears the crown. Look at your hair and see how it shapes into a crown. Your crown just got heavier. Straighten your neck. The world is yours and everything in it. Re-write ourstory by stopping eugenic experimentations funded by the government known as the great vaxxseenation assassination for the human reset of 2021 and beyond.

History 101.

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