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Greetings From Terra Earth!

Peace and blessings to cover your soul as I pray that the creator restores you whole. I thank you for being a member of this enlightened entanglement of truthers. Yes! distractions are everywhere. While the world was busy watching more ritualistic predictive programming, I have been enthralled with working on myself and my studies as an infinite student of life. Recently, I took a break to re-evaluate the direction that I was taking the most high's knowledge and astounding work. It turns out that I was giving away too much of my energy trying to save those who refuse to be saved (can't win them all). Out of all the people that I have helped, I realized that I forgot to help myself. So, I started a journey of self-healing, and then the missing puzzle pieces fell into place as I remembered who I was, and why I started doing this movement of truth. It was for me. I wanted a way that I could fight evil while helping others see the truth about the corrupt. When I decided to share what the most high had laid on my heart, every authority came down on me for informing my people and for that I thank the Matrix for pushing me to become better as I move through the multi-verse healing souls one message at a time, creating a safe haven for truthers. I have witnessed that my enemies can't survive in my own domain, so all of the negative nasty trolls will not come here to run their mouths. For that, I am grateful that I am building my own platform properly, so that no man may never tell me no. All videos will be posted here, so that the ones who are interested in true knowledge may attain it. Thank you for your sincere, genuine, humble, and respectful support.

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