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Dream Walking With Angels

Yesterday, I purposely went through my deceased Mother's stuff, and it was like finding a treasure chest of her very essence left on this plane just for me. When I tell you that GODDESS/GOD is real and that spirituality is the only truth, you or I will ever need to confirm my faith in the afterlife and the cosmos. I could still smell her in every article of clothing, as this cornucopia overjoyed me to have an actual piece of her since being I did not make it to see her before she passed away. I got prepared for bed by taking a good bath and put on her shirt for my pajama selection. Earlier that day, I took all her belongings and washed and prepared them for her as if she would be on her way shortly to return to get them. Lo and behold if she did.

Later that night, I noticed that I was extra sleepier than usual, and this is rare for a person who only needs 4 hours of sleep tops. Being born with hereditary insomnia and ancestral knowledge, I knew exactly what was causing this natural light body induction of serotonin endorphins to be released to make me become dopey sleepy that quick. Instantly I knew that my angels were putting me to sleep because they had a message for me. As I fell deep into the fourth dimension, it was as if the GODDESS said, "Welcome my star seed, do I have a present for you." For the next 8 ½ hours, I spent my entire time with my Mother. We were dressed in white, talking about the past, the present, the future, and the things to come. I was walking and talking with my Mother in heaven, and this has never happened to me before, and I am a Guru when it comes to astral planing.

Fiona Apple was right, "Sometimes I don't go to sleep to dream." I go to sleep to do work upon the omniverse, visit anyone or any place that I see fit, but most of the time, it's me traveling through other realms on my assignment from the higher-ups and being a warrior fighting in this spiritual war. On this night, Goddess gave me time once again with my very own personal Angel. We were walking in an abundance of white clouds, with the prettiest auras. When I had finally awakened from my drowsy slumber, I could remember how everything felt, smelled, looked, and so forth.

In the dream, I watched myself walk around heaven in a white robe to the right of my Mother as we conversed about the alchemy of everything. In the back to the adjacent right of me, it was a giant angel escorting us on our journey and protecting us as we were eternally bonding in the Akashic records. I must stop here at this moment to let the tears fall from my eyes, as it has just occurred to me that my mommy made it to heaven, and I got a special pass to visit her. Selah, Thank you for this Creator. I remember being so damn clean that it was unheard of.

I was gliding amongst the clouds observing my new body and state, learning that I had attained so many unique attributes and upgrades in me. Making me superhuman, wise beyond eons in an advanced spiritual condition, and with rank to my angel soul. I was the most gorgeous that I could ever imagine seeing myself, and as was my Mother. She was different, glowing like the most expensive Angel on the Christmas tree. We were well respected and of great importance as angels or Ascended Masters, if you will.

We were being taken care of every step of the way, with praise, adoration, jubilee, and celebration. Goddess blessed me with a heavenly visit with my Mother, and for that, I am infinitely gratefully humble and amazed by her wonders. Just when I was at my lowest, and I thought that the Mother had forgotten about me, she surprised me with a gift that is rarely known to man. Goddess gave me an 8 ½ hour visitation block in heaven with my Mother, and I can not stop crying at the happiness that was left in my heart and spirit because it was real. I can still hear, feel, and replay the entire visit in my head.

So, I am writing this to help you if you are trying to channel a loved one from the other side of the veil more intimately (a rendition of summoning your ancestors). Take an article of theirs, preferably a shirt or a pair of pants. Something that will make a connection of exposing your spirit to theirs (hence the wearing of my Mother's belongings to let her spirit latch to my vessel). Ensure you get a bath or shower that makes you so clean that you were preparing for a visit from the most high. Place your satchel of crystals under your pillow for etheric protection (I have a mixture of high-vibrational crystals that will protect me as I travel in the astral realms: peacock ore, amethyst, selenite, sizeable black obsidian, tourmaline, hematite, amazonite, rose quartz, smokey quartz, and a tiger's eye.)

You need these crystals because the same way your mother/ancestors can see you between the veil is the same way that other entities (some evil) can see you. Especially if you are a dream walking star seed oracle like me, your beacon of light is being broadcasted to every spiritually advanced galaxy. You have powers that will make you vulnerable as you tap into your true self. i.e., dream walking or visits from the Creator and other entities. Prepare yourself for the day after because you will be drained of all your earthly body endorphins, hormones, dopamine, serotonin, and emotions because your body has been shell-shocked, or shall I say jet-lagged and altered from the astral travel. Do whatever you can to balance and ground yourself as you awake. Meditate as much as you can throughout the day. Give honor and thanks to Creator for allowing her to allow you to experience that, but most importantly, love yourself and give love to others because you, the dreamer, just walked with the Creator and the Angels.

`Ase.' Selah.

Author: Indigo Star Seed, Crystal

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