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Did Someone Say Dark Winter?

Hello, Aurora Krystal Star Seeds! It's the end of the third dimension world as we know it. If you are reading this, then your selected President is Joe Biden. President's are appointed and not elected. Either way, this isn't good for the Aurora Host Matrix. We are in for a dark winter, as Demon and Pedophile Selected President Joe Biden has stated. This winter, Pedo Joe will enforce mandatory vaccines, masks, and Martial Law. The term Dark Winter is a military codename for a senior-level bio-terrorist attack of smallpox on the United States. So basically, your President just admitted to opening up a terrorist attack against its citizens.

The black magic is too thick for sheep to break the curse. To fight against your government, spreading smallpox again, as they did with my indigenous ancestors when Christopher Columbus came over and stole from them to gain America, get your hands on the herb Pau D' Arco to fight herpes. Smallpox, Chickenpox, Shingles, Herpes 1 and 2 are all herpes no matter the form. Stay away from meat and stress, as this would be the number one cause for a herpes breakout to occur. Now that I have blatant proof of what your government is doing, please take care of yourself. I hope for the best for all starseeds. This article is a reminder that no one is coming to save us, and the Creator allows all evil to rule, so save yourself.


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