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COVID's Hidden Occultic Elite Meanings, Exposed As The Governments Corrupted Coverups.

In 2021, the government fooled every person into thinking that COVID was the latest designer virus concocted by nature. When in actuality, they were the ones who created the chemical DNA altering cocktail to depopulate the globe, with the help from the Chinese government to introduced Agenda 21. So, when the NWO told the world to stay quarantine in their home, it seemed a bit suspect. We were to obey blindly to an invisible virus that no one can see. This complete global total domination plan is the worst orchestrated, staged false flag event that I have seen since 9/11.

The latest scheme in the cabal's plan to cover up their satanic rituals on paradigm Earth is not the main reason why they issued a worldwide lockdown. One crucial fact that everyone must remember is that the third dimension known as Earth is where Lucifer created his heaven to be, and it is also known as God's Hell. Now, on planet Earth, the elites have to reveal a full- disclosure event that has to inform every soul about the trauma they are about to inflict on them. Most importantly, they need your consent to do it. The information that I am giving you is to alert you to the satanic societies operating as the elite in plain sight.

Now their plan for total world domination is surrounded by blood and human and human sacrifice. Blood is life. Without blood in your body, you could never stay alive without this special life force.

Hence, when blood magick and rituals get performed, the main ingredient is another's blood. Mainly children's because they are the purest. I give you the proof of this by the website Alibaba selling adrenochrome to any bidder.

The elites are all pedophiles who have committed so many crimes against humanity that Trump opened Guantanamo Bay back open. To put the world's sadistic pedos who have committed war crimes, treason, murder, kidnapping, child/human trafficking, and other masochistic crimes against humanity. It got reported that COVID is the government code for the elites, celebrities, politicians, executives, and billionaires who are pedophiles. You might find this hard to believe; then why are Jeffery Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell prosecuted for trafficking and raping kids for the deep state, govt, celebrities, billionaires, and the elites?

Here is the secret elite terminology for COVID and its Lockdowncodes:

Remember how many celebrities claimed that they have COVID.

Self Quarantined: means that the accused pedo is under house arrest under Federal agents, guards, or ankle bracelets. (Hence Ellen Degeneres and Tom Hanks being in Numerous pictures calling other pedo celebrities trying to get them to snitch on themselves.)

SelfQuarantined, CovidExposure: detained and being questioned by authorities.

Tested Negative for COVID: No confession, so they are going to trial after worldwide mass arrest if convicted. If convicted, then the celebrity's reputation and legacy will be destroyed.

Tested Positive for COVID: They confessed and are taking a deal. Their execution will be out of the public eye. Execution will get portrayed as suicide or accidental death, but their reputation and legacy will be preserved.

Suppose you are looking for the proof to this pudding? In that case, you need to know that it all started with the Me Too movement out of Hollywood when Harvey Weinstein, the biggest pedo supreme, hung every celebrity out to dry and snitched on everyone. After that, check the list of arrest inmates and executions for inmates of Git Mo Bay.

To conclude this article: COVID was the Flu the entire time. We got illegally put on lockdown to pedophiles to introduce martial law and have our rights as a God sovereign humans taken to move pedophiles to their underground bunkers, secret islands and hide their crimes against humanity.

Sidenote: The missing children and adults that were tortured, raped, and kidnapped by the elites are the Immigrants being re-introduced back into society to cover up their crimes. Check out the Evergreen Suez Canal human trafficking scandal.

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