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About Hearing Crystal Clear

Our Background

Suppose you wanted to know about one of the most enthralling, mystic, intelligent, unique, mysterious, and captivating unheard writers of modern-day literature. My name is Crystal, and I exude what others elude. My play on words is divine and a force to recognize. My comical, realistic, dark, logical, twisted, and hypnotic stories will leave you open to a new way of thinking. I aspire to write with the spirit of the late great Rod Serling in my coming of age, with Stephan King's touch. My interests are history, sci-fi, comedies, drama, dystopia, horror, spirituality, and esoteric occult realism. I believe that there isn't any topic that I can not write into reality. I am a southern indigo Starseed from Georgia who is on a mission to save the world with a pen, a warrior's fight, a poet's heart, and a star's light.

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